My God, It's Full of Updates

December is the lost month but work has been happening. Lots of small but necessary updates this round. And it's 2019! A new year! It's all happening! And my food coma is wearing off and I'm getting closer to the early access launch date so updates will be coming more frequently. Here's a list of what's new. There's also more detail on the official website.

  • Happy new year!
  • Added indicator for off-screen fuel stations
  • Added indicator for off-screen people
  • Fix for fuel doubling up after restart
  • Fix crash in gameover scene when button mashing
  • Fixed drone enemies waking up in the editor
  • Removed detection radius from all enemies (they see you when they see you)
  • Added Linux Xbox One S controller mapping
  • Added outlines to some UI text for improved visibility
  • Fuel pods always spawn when player is out of fuel
  • Redesigned UI fonts
  • Fixed bug where pickups lost player if shield dropped
  • Added app icon
  • Added splash screen
  • Updated my build system - I know you don't care but it's **PRETTY COOL**
  • Added cinematic letterboxed intro to each level
  • Animated the aiming crosshair
  • Show aiming crosshair when using gamepad
  • Added custom mouse pointer
  • Added secondary explosions
  • Added campaign and level chooser, rewrote editor load/save dialogs. IMPORTANT NOTE: Levels are now organized into *campaigns*. If you've created levels, you should create a campaign folder and move your levels inside of that. Then open any of those levels in the level editor to create the meta data for your campaign so you can play it. It should then appear in the new level chooser when you click Start from the main menu.


Gravity Ace Playtest for Linux 64 bit 73 MB
Version 6 Jan 02, 2019
Gravity Ace Playtest for Windows 64 bit 72 MB
Version 6 Jan 02, 2019
Gravity Ace Playtest for OSX 74 MB
Version 6 Jan 02, 2019

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