This is long overdue – progress has been made! Campaign 2 is being built as we speak and the finish line is in sight. I know everything that I need to do to release the game out of early access and the list is getting shorter everyday. Thanks for your support everybody!

There is a placeholder for Campaign 2 in this build – it’s not finished yet. I think I’m going to hold back some of the content until the full release but all of the new enemies, props, and goodies are available in the level editor for you to play around with!

New and updated:

  • Added dust effects to mobile turrets
  • Added sound effects for mobile turret
  • Mobile turrets complete with new art!; New art; Fixed state machine bugs; Fixed ice launcher state machine as well; You’re gonna love these evil dudes!
  • Named an astronaut Tiw for @robert_capper!
  • Added state machine to mobile turret and started on animations
  • Remember last selected wall theme for the next dab
  • New background textures in level chooser
  • Astronaut bounciness
  • Level chooser decoration
  • Clean level editor screenshots with Shift+F12
  • Added asteroids to the level chooser screens that you can click on and explode!
  • Named the campaigns; Orion’s Sword; Rigel’s Revenge
  • Added buttons for switching between campaigns; Also added a fun warning dialog when you start campaign 2 against the LT’s good advice
  • Prototype levels for season 2
  • Created season 2 level chooser
  • Adjusted all collision hit boxes so they attach better to walls
  • New sound effect for ice launcher; more health for launcher
  • AI for mobile turrets that stops them from moving when they see the player
  • Patrolling enemies can be destroyed by laser beams
  • Patrol point sound effect and editor icon
  • Patrol points emit signals when they are activated that can trigger other entities in the game
  • New patrol point icon in level editor
  • Added Akien and Reduz astronaut names!
  • New patrol point art (final final??)
  • New catchphrases for astronauts
  • Full import/export capability with file dialogs
  • Campaign import and export functions
  • Added button for opening level save data folder to editor
  • Merge branch ‘icelauncher-sfx’ into main
  • Update patrol point art
  • Basic patrol points added to direct enemy patrols
  • Mobile turrets follow wall paths
  • New ice launcher sounds
  • Added grouped undo/redo when multiple things change at the same time
  • Added moving everything touching a wall together with ALT hotkey
  • Move objects touching wall when the wall moves in level editor
  • Removed Nakama high score server and leaderboards; Leaderboard server is unstable, feature not working out; Will add back later if the people want it
  • Asteroids are safe and won’t destroy other objects when they first spawn in
  • Bouncy ricochet sound effects (pew pew)
  • Added shiny fancy shader for reflective bullet bouncing walls
  • Squashed all bugs in box select in level editor!
  • New reflective walls that bounce bullets!
  • Added sound effect for disappearing walls; This might be a placeholder (or it might be permanent, who knows)
  • Secret door disappearing hologram animation
  • Added “revealed” signal for secret doors (hat tip: ValiantCheese)Can trigger events in editor
  • Offset the wall shader UV for secret walls (hat tip: ValiantCheese!)
  • Added quick restart hotkey (Ctrl+R)
  • Added auto restart and fast respawn speedrun options
  • Disable hidden overlay when exiting level editor
  • Color hidden enemies medium gray in level editor
  • Updated “tool” entity icons
  • Added category icons for all entities in level editor
  • Improved wave event icon
  • Make enemy flash timer one-shot
  • Improve signal visualization
  • Disable damaged particles in editor
  • Improve visualization of signal connections; Signals now show direction; Little brighter; Cleaner UI
  • Make drone smoke stop after some time
  • Add descriptions for every object in level editor; Description appears in object chooser; Description appears in property inspector
  • Moved data out of scripts and into JSON files to keep code tidy
  • Moved entity data into a separate JSON file so that it’s easier to edit
  • Added Wave Event object to editor; The object is not visible during gameplay; It counts incoming signals and when they all fire it emits its own signal to one or more objects; Can be used to require multiple actions (e.g. kill three enemies) before another action takes place (open a gate); Can be used to generate enemy waves after clearing a previous wave
  • Ice vents
  • Ice launcher icon
  • Ice launcher and ice projectile art; And some bug fixes caused by ice attaching and detaching from ship hull and shield


  • Fixed aiming of enemies with turrets (was slightly off target)
  • Fixed sector cache returning data for wrong campaign
  • Fixed moving player around in level editor after the player has fired shots
  • Fixed object chooser appearing when typing in some dialogs
  • Fixed bug with enemies patrolling walls after exiting level editor
  • Fixed bug in level editor when deleting a wall
  • Fix for visual flashing glitch when drawing walls
  • Fix: Added safety checks on wall name data when loading level data
  • Fix for bullet tunneling through some walls sometimes
  • Fix auto restart bug when playing from level editor
  • Fixed level loading bug when an object is removed from the entities list
  • Fixed bug with deserializing dialog trees in level editor; Looks like an implementation change in the engine caused a side effect in how node names are handled or possibly how many frames queue_free requires to take effect
  • Fixed dialog preview stealing focus; Added a preview button to the dialog editor
  • Fixed object dialog appearing in dialog editor
  • Fixed don’t spawn asteroids in level editor; Asteroids would sometimes collide with drones in the level editor and move them and it was a pain
  • Fix description centering in object chooser


Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit 90 MB
Version 42 Nov 01, 2021
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit 89 MB
Version 42 Nov 01, 2021
Gravity Ace MacOS 94 MB
Version 42 Nov 01, 2021

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