Sorry macOS

Sorry, macOS users. Apple has unfortunately made it very difficult for me, an indie game developer who is working mostly solo, to support you. I simply can’t provide an optimal macOS experience without jumping through some Apple hoops.

The big problem with macOS is that the game simply doesn’t launch well without properly signing the executable. A player recently told me they had to type in a weird special command line just to get the macOS version to launch. And that’s down to the signing and notarization process that Apple wants everyone to do. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t require owning Apple hardware and paying a annual Apple developer tax just for the privilege. So, releasing properly on macOS requires that I make a build on my development machine, then take all those files over to a macOS computer, then notarize and build the app again, and pay an annual $100 developer fee.

A second problem is the fact that newer versions of macOS don’t support OpenGL or Vulkan natively. Apple has a new and proprietary graphics API called Metal so getting things to run on that requires going through a wrapper of some kind and who knows what kind of bugs and incompatibilities will arise from that and those are issues that I simply don’t have the time or expertise to fix.

I’m just a solo gamedev, you know? If I had a mac person on staff with the right hardware and they could just do all the mac stuff for me, then I’d definitely reconsider. But right now it’s just not possible.

If you purchased the macOS version, please contact me for a refund.

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As a Mac user, I am bummed by this announcement but I'm not surprised. Maybe when (not if ;-) ) Gravity Ace makes it big you'll have the resources and support to consider a Mac version. Until then, keep my money. You've earned it!