New and updated:

  • Disconnect frozen ice balls from shield when shield goes down
  • Deflect bullets when they hit water blobs
  • Updated engine to Godot 3.3
  • New ice launcher art; Ice ball projectile; FixedJoint class
  • Placeholder ice turret; Placeholder art; State machine using AnimationTree (hat tip: Leonard); Working on projectile and art next
  • Added catchphrase and astronaut name from Leonard Meagher – ty Leonard!
  • Added ice water icon to level editor
  • Updated the art and animation on the water blobs and splooshes with final art
  • Added water blob hazards to ice biome
  • Added slight blur to distortion shader
  • Simplified ghost shader so it doesn’t need to read the screen
  • New ice plant art and animation
  • Revised ice wall texture; added more details
  • Added an indicator on reactor platforms to let the player know that they can drop a reactor there
  • Added button to level editor to center view on currently selected object
  • Reworked the UI for adding objects in level editor; Added popup radial object menu; New icons; New toolbar; Many little quality of life enhancements and fixes
  • Dead astronauts tell no tales
  • Added ice rock props to the ice world
  • More fun catchphrases for astronauts
  • New beamout sound effect at level exit


  • Fixed levels with overlapping rotating lasers to adjust difficulty
  • Fixed enemy bullets doing damage
  • Fixed weird collision bug caused by new object dialog
  • Fix rotating laser gate in wrong collision group
  • Fixed collision shape on ice rock props
  • Fixed jank on gameover screen caused by updating leaderboard
  • Check for valid instance when clearing object dialog cache


Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit 90 MB
Version 41 Apr 25, 2021
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit 89 MB
Version 41 Apr 25, 2021
Gravity Ace MacOS 94 MB
Version 41 Apr 25, 2021

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