A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Descend into dark caverns, fly and blast your way past waves of enemies, retrieve the reactor core and make your escape, all while fighting the deadly embrace of crushing gravity.

Do you have what it takes, pilot?

  • Many levels in 3 large worlds with an interconnected story
  • Many enemy types + boss fights
  • Create your own challenges and stories with the built-in level builder
  • Share your unique levels and campaigns with other players
  • Physics simulation of everything that moves
  • Original soundtrack

You are about to embark on a limited test run of Gravity Acea modernized retro-arcade twin-stick shooter inspired by classic games like Thrust and Gravitar. Thank you for participating and providing feedback during this early testing phase. Your mission:

  • Play the game
  • Try the level editor
  • Report your impressions and issues in the forum or Discord
  • Tell people about the game #gravityace

Level Builder Demo Timelapse

Gravity Ace is not yet public and I still have a long way to go before it is ready for launch in 2019. The current roadmap is:

  • Open the game to a small group of brave test pilots
    • The private testing phase will likely go through several updates depending on feedback
    • All test pilots will receive a free copy of the game
  • Open Early Access to the public when the first area is complete (early 2019)
  • Launch finished game in 2019

Regular development logs will be posted here whenever there is an update. You can also follow me on Twitter and join the Discord server.


This game is currently unavailable

Development log


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