New and updated:

  • Boss 1 work in progress
  • Removed inactive fuelpod drop code except for bosses which will drop fuel as you fight them
  • New astronaut name from @Nathanael; Spoiler: the name is Nathanael; P.S.: You can name an astronaut if you watch the twitch stream
  • New astronaut names; Thank you @HybridLizard!; Thank you @GamedevUnknown!
  • Adjusted gamepad deadzone when navigating user interface
  • New astronaut name and catchphrase – thanks @human1428!
  • Modified level so astronaut doesn’t bounce to his death
  • Changed collision for detecting if player is out of the combat zone
  • Updated explosion and effect spawners to use global coordinates
  • Created “homing” group so that when player leaves combat zone they are vectored back to the nearest static defense or cave wall
  • Put asteroids into their own collision layer separate from enemies
  • Update tractor beam to use global coordinates so that it works with objects that are children of bigger objects
  • Added a label to exit beacons in the level editor to explain that they are hidden until activated
  • Added social media buttons to pause menu
  • Added social icons to main menu
  • Added background people floating around the level chooser like poor lost souls in Tartarus


  • Fixed homing arrow pointing to boss when player leaves the combat zone
  • Fixed dynamic checkpoint respawn position
  • Fixed boss shooting things in the level editor
  • Fixed respawning inside lasers
  • Fixed bug where ESC key didn’t pause the game
  • Fixed bug where beam colliders were not active in the first second of the game load
  • Fixed bug where coins would not fade out at level exit
  • Fix crash when reactor is beaming away from boss and the player dies at the same time
  • Fixed enemy shooting and turrets and bullets so that they use global coordinates
  • Fixed speed trail to ignore parent rotations


Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit 90 MB
Version 43 Nov 15, 2021
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit 89 MB
Version 43 Nov 15, 2021
Gravity Ace MacOS 94 MB
Version 43 Nov 15, 2021

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