Difficulty settings & Control mapping update

Greetings, pilots!

Price drop

First things first: The price for Gravity Ace has dropped significantly! If you were waiting for the price to come down then your prayers have been answered. Go get it now.

Difficulty settings

Gravity Ace now has three difficulty settings that affect fuel consumption. At the easiest level, fuel is consumed much slower. And at the hardest level fuel is consumed faster. If you want the most challenging experience where fuel management is a very important part of the game then you want Hard diffculty. If you just want to shoot things and not worry about fuel so much, choose Easy.

Auto targeting

Along with the new difficulty settings you can also choose to use a targeting computer that will automagically select the closest target for destruction. You still control when you shoot but you don’t need to aim anymore. Be careful and shoot wisely because one of the targets is the reactor core if you are not carrying it. You can now play Gravity Ace without using the right stick or mouse. This also makes the Classic mode controls (rotate and thrust) easier to manage. Hopefully this helps improve accessibility and lets you enjoy more explosions.

Control remapping

Controller mapping is in! You can change keymaps and controller buttons within the game from the Options menu. It does what you’d expect. Enjoy!

Steam keys

A Steam key is now also included with every purchase. If you’ve already purchased you can visit the store page and request your steam key.


Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit 90 MB
Version 71 Nov 04, 2022
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit 89 MB
Version 71 Nov 04, 2022
Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit DEMO 88 MB
Version 71 Nov 04, 2022
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit DEMO 87 MB
Version 71 Nov 04, 2022

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