New and updated:

  • Drag and drop to import campaigns
  • Added boss 2 prototype
  • Changed multiple reactor core win condition (you just need one)
  • Added option for single-use beamout points
  • New objectives UI to see S-rank status during play
  • Removed print statement #ignore
  • New astronaut name and catchphrases @dudezord!
  • Turn off reactor safety when player attaches tractor beam
  • Keep reactor core safe for 3 seconds after player is killed
  • Reduce aim camera movement slightly
  • Increased aim visibility
  • Added level name to pause screen
  • Renamed pickups to coins on gameover
  • Update all visualizers when items are deleted or during undo
  • Shortened waypoint activation delay
  • Made HUD icons more visible
  • Sort scores and times in the level chooser
  • Finalized credits


  • Fixed interaction between camera moves and paused dialog
  • Fixed visualizer updates when deleting objects
  • Fixed reactor moving slowly at beamout
  • Fixed saving too often
  • Fixed camera bug in editor visualizations
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar in level list UI


Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit 90 MB
Version 56 Apr 23, 2022
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit 89 MB
Version 56 Apr 23, 2022
Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit DEMO 88 MB
Version 56 Apr 23, 2022
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit DEMO 87 MB
Version 56 Apr 23, 2022

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Feedback:  I have a gamepad connected (Xbox 360 wired) but want to play with mouse and keyboard.  No problem as far as that goes, but it really REALLY wants to display the gamepad controls at every opportunity.  It'll revert to mouse & keyboard control suggestions when that control method is used - as one expects - but as soon as the mouse stops moving or the keyboard stops being pressed it goes straight back to gamepad control suggestions on-screen, making for a confusing and flickering mess.

[edit] Apart from that, I really enjoy the game, and look forward to each new update.  Keep it up!  :)