New and updated:

  • Updated controls for advancing dialog
    • SPACEBAR and ESC augment X
    • Classic mode shooting moved to SHIFT and ENTER
  • Added special S victory music
  • Esc key pauses, Esc key advances dialog

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed "back to menu" softlock
    • Caused by pausing the scene transition scene
  • Fixed the sound effect slider
    • Sound effect slider now changes volume for everything that is not a music including the UI
  • Fixed muffled audio bug
    • When pausing and then going to gameover, the audio would remain muffled until restart
  • Fixed how to play scene
    • Removes all game objects from How To Play scene so they cannot interfere with game world
    • Fixes continue double-input on How To Play
  • Fixed red/blue chromatic aberration doesn't go away
  • Removed obsolete SDL controller mapping
  • Fixed missile sound too loud
    • Was on wrong audio bus
  • Fixed coin counting bug on restart
  • Fixed tractor beaming hidden enemies


Gravity Ace Linux 64 bit 90 MB
Version 34 Oct 30, 2020
Gravity Ace Windows 64 bit 89 MB
Version 34 Oct 30, 2020
Gravity Ace MacOS 94 MB
Version 34 Oct 30, 2020

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