Early Access SOON!

Well, folks, the time is almost upon us. Gravity Ace is finally in a state where I can release it into the wild. Gravity Ace will launch in Early Access this month. What does that mean exactly?

The current game is fully playable with a 24 mission main campaign, fully integrated level editor, highly polished art and sound, and a great soundtrack. But it isn't done yet! I want Gravity Ace to be a satisfying and rewarding experience for new players and fans of the amazing classic arcade games it's based on. Community feedback has been vital during the development process. I'm looking forward to expanding the community through Early Access and using your feedback to shape and balance Gravity Ace so that it's as fun and polished as it can possibly be.

I have big plans for Early Access! I plan to add new enemies, bosses, more levels and campaigns, fix bugs, and add a local multiplayer mode for player-vs-player battles. A major component of Gravity Ace is the built-in level editor. The editor is very robust and allows anyone to make levels just like the ones included with the game. I plan to enhance that by allowing players to share levels and entire campaigns with one another through a central hub. The plan is that you'll be able to play other players' shared campaigns which will add a continuous stream of new content for you to enjoy.

It's going to take another 6-12 months to finish all of that work. I hope you'll come along for the ride.

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