Let's fix some bugs! Let's find some bugs!

Hey there, pilots! I need your help. A major focus of this update has been bug fixing. But there are a few quality of life and feature enhancements mixed in with all of the bug fixes as well. Please try out this latest build, play through the demo levels and tutorial, and let me know if you run into anything weird, wonky, wild, or broken. I need your help to make sure Gravity Ace is ready for general consumption. Thank you for your bravery!

  • Made tractor beam length dynamic
  • Updated button art
  • Added foreground dust particles
  • Fixed freeze when mashing buttons at launch
  • Fixed menu buttons getting stuck
  • Added red/blue chromatic aberration glitch during screen shake + strength options
  • Broadcast laser gate closing
  • Tractor beam now targets closest object to crosshair that is in range
  • Preload music so frames not dropped on track changes
  • Fixed crash when there are no user campaigns available
  • Redraw background props with cohesive color palette
  • Added commit bot
  • Fix enemies z index below background props
  • Increased initial movement of pickups from destroyed enemies
  • Delay and smooth camera move after player death
  • Start charging shield *after* warp
  • Fixed laser gate collision bug
  • Fixed infinite fuel bug
  • Fixed gameover crash on levels with no reactor core
  • Only save rank when it is better than the old rank
  • Let fuel pods collide with walls and structures so they don't become unreachable
  • Rewrote beam indicator timers with physics
  • New button art and sound effects
  • Allow button activation by ramming


Gravity Ace Playtest for Linux 64 bit 73 MB
Version 11 Sep 18, 2019
Gravity Ace Playtest for Windows 64 bit 72 MB
Version 11 Sep 18, 2019
Gravity Ace Playtest for OSX 74 MB
Version 11 Sep 18, 2019

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