Poseidon, that moist and kelpy Olympian, has stolen your favorite surfboard!

Can you face him to get it back? Use your killer surfing skills to beat Poseidon and show him who the real surf god is.

Controls & Tips

  • Use the UP and DOWN arrows on your keyboard to surf (or W and S)
  • Press SPACE to do a trick (or Z or X)


  • Gain speed by surfing down the face of the wave
  • Maintain your speed by surfing up and down
  • You can surf in the barrel but avoid the top of the break or get too deep
  • Don't surf too far down or you'll wipeout
  • Gain speed before doing jumps or tricks
  • Tricks will slow you down but they're the best way to get points
  • Aerials are worth more points than tricks in the water
  • When landing an aerial,  steer your board down to maintain speed
  • You can press SPACE to skip most dialogs, prompts, and cutscenes

Made for #LOWREZJAM 2017

Made with Godot Engine 2.1

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i love your game too much, i'm always coming back to play it since the jam

Oh that's cool! Glad you like it!