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Very cool, thanks for making it !

Hi John

Thanks for making this font pack!

I used your fonts in my 7DRL games jam submission, you can see it here:

Hope you like what I've done with it :)

hi, is this suited for commercial use? i don't see any hint of a license so i wonder if i can use this.

Read tthe description first:

This asset contains two pixel-perfect TTF fonts — as seen in the game Gravity Ace — that you can use in your commercial or non-commercial projects and games. You'll get Gravity Regular 5 that you can use at point sizes that are multiples of 5 (e.g. 5, 10, 15) and Gravity Bold 8, a heavier weight version, that you can use at point sizes that are multiples of 8 (e.g. 8, 16, 24).....

Yoo I use this specific font for most of my drawings, this is a quick glance at it



Hey, your fonts are great. I used them in my own game on
Without this, the realization of a game with a resolution of 64 * 36 would have been really difficult.
Thank you! Mentioned you in the credits. :)


Awesome! Happy to help


Hey. a pretty good font! thank you!


Thank YOU, kind human!

I used your font for a game jam, here is the link to my game:

Your font was great

Awesome! Glad it worked!

Thanks for the great font! :) I enjoyed using it in my game: 

Glad you like it!

thank you

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Hello. I used this awesome fonts for my game : Thanks!

That's a fun game! I think you've got a great idea there.

Thanks for playing !