The game is inspired by Space Invaders but in reverse. You don't control the invaders or the humans but you can move your mouse pointer over an invader ship to activate a temporary shield. Try to get as many invaders as possible to the surface before they are slaughtered. Oh, and the invaders say 51 different things! Amazing!

Design, art, music, programming by John Watson

Powered by Crafty — Inspired by Space Invaders by TaitoSource code

Full source @ GitHub

Gun sounds by 2887679652 (CC-BY)
War sounds by 1stWebArmy (CC-BY)
Railgun by roper1911 (CC-0)
Explosions by steveygos93 (CC-BY)
Crash by Portbot (CC-0)
Ricochet by cedarstudios (CC-0)

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GenreAction, Shooter
TagsAliens, html5, invaders, Retro, Space