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Gravity Ace

Do you have what it takes, pilot? · By John Watson


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A better tutorial
Rebuilt the tutorial level to make it harder to go off in the "wrong" direction and introduce more gameplay features (gates, fuel pods). Also added some dialog...
3 files — 10
The music update
It's been a while! Thanks for your patience. I've been dealing with transitioning to a new day job. The good news is that I've now got all of the components for...
3 files — 9
Ack! It's 2019!
Just a few small changes this week. Bigger stuff in the pipeline! Can't wait to show you. Modified demo1 slightly for better playability Modified level chooser...
3 files — 8
My God, It's Full of Updates
December is the lost month but work has been happening. Lots of small but necessary updates this round. And it's 2019! A new year! It's all happening! And my fo...
3 files — 6
How to make a nebula shader
Welcome to the first devlog for Gravity Ace! My plan is to give you a look behind the scenes. You'll have a front row seat to see the decisions I'm making and...
Beam all the things
What's the use of a tractor beam if you can't beam everything, right? So, now you can. Everything that moves, you can beam. Asteroids, flying drones, people. Mo...
4 files
Lieutenant is a weird word
One gameplay change and a bunch of fixes. The tractor beam button is a toggle and it would go on and off automatically if you held it. Now, when you hold it, it...
4 files
Fixes and Esc to pause
Hopefully this fixes the crash some of you have been having when a level ends, either just before the gameover screen appears or on the gameover screen itself...
4 files