Use ASD or ARROW keys to move. Fly to blue data cores to begin hacking. Type code to hack or press ENTER to abort. AVOID VIRUSES. Hack enough data before time limit to avoid brainstem virus.


  • Go DOWN (press S or DOWN arrow)
  • Don't try to delete typos — just keep typing until you get it right
  • Virus codes are always all numbers.
  • Virus codes don't change, they're just glitched. Best to avoid.
  • High value data are protected by longer codes
  • Typing codes faster yields more data
  • Use finesse when flying
  • Hacking codes are a mix of references from linux shell commands, famous virus and worm names, IDS and penetration testing software, Tron, War Games, Snow Crash, The Matrix, Hackers, and Big Trouble in Little China. Yes, you can hack The Gibson for garbage files and a Six Demon Bag. Forgive me.

Design, art, programming by John Watson

Made for #cyberpunkjam 2014

Made with the Phaser HTML5 game framework

Music by Nine Inch Nails (cc-by-nc-sa)